Meet our Scottish Fold Munchkin Cattery! We are a small in-home breeder of Scottish fold munchkin cats. I started breeding these unique and adorable little guys about 6 years ago and we’ve been loving every minute of it. The goal is to produce beautiful, healthy, show quality kittens with exceptional personalities that will bring joy to their new homes.

We have many colors available such as: seal lynx point, blue tortie point, chocolate brown tabby point, lilac shaded silver tabby point and gold shaded silver tabby point. All kittens come with one year health guarantee against genetic defects which covers about 90% of the breeds own issues.

 We don’t Claim to be the best Scottish fold Kitten breeder in the world, in this life its all about making mistakes and learning. What we will promise you is that we will stand behind our kittens 100%. We promise you a  Kitten family for life. I will try and go above and beyond to meet your satisfaction and for the health of your new family member. I am proud to say My Parents raised me and my siblings with Morals and values putting God first on everything we do. If there is anything we can do for you or if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!!