You guys are wonderful don’t know how much joy you have added to my life and hat of my children. I love him so much! He is just wonderful and makes me so happy. Here is one of his pictures. The day before he was scheduled to sit for his holiday pictures, he rubbed all the hair off his face trying to retrieve a candy bar from underneath the cabinet. When we picked him up from the airport, we were so glad because they did great work in coordinating his travel, we couldn’t believe he came safely. with our permission you may add our contact number on your website as reference.

Kirstin Everton / FL

Hello Carine here we are again, Our kitten Louie is doing just fine. He fits in just perfect into our new apartment since we moved in last week. He and Meeko our previous dogs just love each other. We are so happy to have him with us. Thank you for sending to us such a wonderful kitten! Here are some cute pictures of him and please feel free to include us on your pages. You may also include our email for anyone who wanna talk to us.

Mike Lloyd / CA

Website was easy to use, the breeders contact info was available, we made and appointment to meet the kitten (Lucy) before purchasing and the breeder Carine and family was friendly, open and gave us useful information on how to grow a heathy scottish fold cat.

Andy Guscott / NC

We got our first munchkins kitten Kuz, the breeder was very friendly and made the experience less stressful. We can tell that she was very well socialized and this helped with his transition to our home. The best and most adorable gift ever.

Jane Bit / TX

Thank you again – Cannon is a fine example of your expertise. Everyone at Munchkins cattery is truly the best of the best – and a blessing to our family. Let me just say that we are customers for LIFE with y’all….. I will NEVER own another “child” that y’all didn’t train – it’s that simple.

Loyd Washington / CO

Just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying having Gloria with us!! Our vet was most complimentary about her physical condition and temperament, and specifically asked where she was bred. He said she was the healthiest cat he had seen in a while! And of course she is absolutely beautiful. We were very surprised to find how companionable she is for such a young scottish fold – she loves to be near you, sleep at your feet (or on them!) And gives lots of cat kisses.

Brigit Guscott / CA